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The Studio

Paparajote is a graphic design studio and communication agency located in Murcia, Spain, specializing in brands and communication campaigns.
We develop naming projects, identity, product design, web, packaging, editorial, illustration, art direction and graphics applied to spaces.

The work trajectory of almost two decades of its creative directors, Pilar Larrotcha and Sonia de la Iglesia, gives them a solid vision of the creative processes, of the solutions that generate value, without losing the freshness, the curiosity and the desire to experiment and to innovate.

We firmly believe in the transforming power of ideas and design to make better people’s lives. We work in multidisciplinary teams together with our clients, big and small, to help them achieve success in their projects and businesses.

In 2011 we launched our most personal project, Paparajote Factory, a brand of accessories for contemporary families with Mediterranean essence and Nordic inspiration.

Our editions are limited, they are made in Spain. You can find them in our online store and at concept stores and deco stores.